Banish the looming winter blues with this joyous celebration and exploration of the films that have tickled the British funny bone, and discover what they tell us about the country’s psyche! Beginning with the weird and wacky world of early British silent film, this course will discover the extent to which the genre has its roots in pantomime and how music hall stars like George Formby and Will Hay kept the British end up during World War Two. It will then examine the sophisticated satire of the Ealing comedies, the saucy innuendo of the Carry On films, the surrealism of Monty Python and how transferring television comedy to the big screen saved the British film industry in the 1970s. Finally, it will explore recent developments like the Transatlantic romances of Richard Curtis, the “Silver Pound” comedies and ask if there are new directions for the British film comedy – or is it just more of the same? Warning: this course contains bad language and nudity (and that’s just the tutor!).

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