With tedious regularity, articles appear in the press posing the question: “Are women funny?” Stupid question. Yes. Yes, they are. Indeed, women have been fundamental in the development of comedy as both a genre and an art form. From the stages of music hall and vaudeville, figures such as Mae West moved onto film and caused scandal by challenging what was acceptable. In the early days of television, the most popular star was Lucille Ball, paving the way for strong female characters in situation comedies. Alternative comedy in the 1980s pushed the boundaires even further with the arrival of acts like French and Saunders. This course will look at how women helped shape comedy by focusing on the key funny ladies. As well as those mentioned above, the talents and influence of Joyce Grenfell and Victoria Wood will be explored, together with recent developments in comedy with the stand-up of Bridget Christie and sitcoms like Alma’s Not Normal. Oh, and George… don’t do that!

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