Norwich History Walks 2016

Six guided walks uncovering the history and heritage of Norwich, including many of the city’s lesser known corners as well as its more famous treasures. One and a half hour walks with separate starting points.

Thursday April 21st   Norwich central

   Theatre St. – Surrey St. – Timberhill – Market Place -Theatre St.

   Start: 10am. Theatre St., Assembly House gates.

Thursday April 28th Norwich west

    St. Benedicts St. – Cow Hill – St. Giles St. – St. Andrews St. – New Mills.

    Start: 10am. Barn Rd. car park, off St Swithin’s Rd. (behind Toys R Us)

Thursday May 5th _ Norwich south.

   Ber St. – Carrow Hill – King St. – Ber St.

   Start: 10am. Ber St., outside John Lewis.

Thursday May 12th _ Norwich east.  

   Bishopgate – Riverside – Whitefriars – Fishergate – Tombland – Palace Plain.

   Start: 10am. Bishopgate car park, near Adam & Eve.

Thursday May 19th _ Norwich southeast.

   Rouen Rd. – Cattle Market St. – London St. – Queen St. – King St.- Mountergate – Rouen Rd.

    Start: 10am. Rouen Rd car park, bottom of Thorn Lane.

Thursday May 26th    Norwich north

   St. Andrews St. – St. Mary’s Plain – Colegate – Elm Hill.

   Start: Monastery car Park, off Elm Hill.