This course will now start on 26th February and run for 8 Sessions – If you have already booked for this course and the new dates are not suitable contact  or tel 0300 3033464  ext 4980

This is an online course

This course will provide an overview of English law, criminal and civil, and the main controversies that surround it. These will include general topics such as access to justice, the nature of punishment, human rights and democracy, as well as ‘hot topics’ such as Brexit and the Coronavirus regulations. We will aim to get a good grounding in where law comes from, how laws are made and how the legal system works (and sometimes doesn’t work) before looking at examples of the ways in which the truth can be twisted for political ends. By the end of the course, we should all be able to look more critically at sensational legal stories and see why they might not be quite what they seem

More  detailed information and enrolment instruction can be found on the National WEA Site.